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Holidays 2021 - Schedule your next trips!

2020 is being quite a year! But a lot of people can't wait for it to end. The hope of a new year full of health, peace and long holidays!
Holidays 2021 - Schedule your next trips!

Holidays 2021 - Schedule your next trips!

The following is a list of the main holidays of the year 2021 for you to plan and come and enjoy good family moments at AcquaPipa Resort.


Carnival - February 12th to 16th, 2021
Play carnival and enjoy the infrastructure of the AcquaPipa Resort from Saturday to Ash Wednesday. The carnival holiday package runs from Friday to Tuesday. But if you prefer to extend an extra day, the typical carnival of Praia da Pipa is celebrated on Ash Wednesday, with blocks that circulate through the main street of the village

Holy Week - April 01 to 04, 2021
Semana Santa is well known in Pipa for the great shows that usually take place at this time of year. For families who prefer calm and fun, AcquaPipa Resort always offers some special activity in times like this. Easter egg hunt and lots of games for the little ones.

Corpus Christi - 03 to 06 June 2021
Holiday starts on Thursday! Anyone who takes time off on Friday can enjoy four days of family fun at AquaPipa Resort. A holiday like this, is to really enjoy!

Saint John - June 24, 2021
Being in the Northeast during São João is very good! To witness the local tradition of that time with bonfires, gangs and parties is an opportunity to live this very typical Northeastern experience. It is considered a public holiday in some states and June 24, 2021 falls on a Thursday!

Independence of Brazil - September 3 to 7, 2021
In 2021 the holiday of September 7 will fall on a Tuesday, for those who can enjoy an extended holiday can enjoy it since Friday, September 3. We consider this holiday to be the beginning of summer. The sun is already hotter and the city is fuller

Children's Day - October 9 to 12, 2021
Guaranteed fun! In addition to the infrastructure of the AcquaPipa Resort, with children's pools, slides, Acqualoco and playground, during these holidays there is always some special activity for children. Bring your family and enjoy!

All Souls - October 30 to November 2, 2021
This holiday can be sad for some people, but as a long holiday like this you have to enjoy it! From Saturday to Tuesday, you have enough time to rest and enjoy with your family.

Proclamation of the Republic - November 13 to 15, 2021
Another holiday for the month of November. The 15th falls on a Monday, a weekend with an extra day can be very special! Enjoy that summer is coming!

Christmas - December 25, 2021
This time everyone wants to be with family, but nothing better than a trip to get together and enjoy good times with those we love.

New Year - December 31, 2021
Like Christmas, the new year will fall on a Friday. After a year with so many long holidays, 2021 will end in the middle of the weekend. This does not prevent a super trip to enter 2022 with renewed energy!

Do any of these holidays fit your schedule? Book in advance to guarantee great prices directly through our website.


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