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Traveling with children - Tips so that everything goes perfect!

Planning a trip can be simple, but planning a trip with children is a chore!
Traveling with children - Tips so that everything goes perfect!

Traveling with children - Tips so that everything goes perfect!

This is because even though they are experienced parents, there are a lot of precautions to be taken from packing the suitcase to the programs to do at the destination. Below are some tips that can help you organize and enjoy your trip from start to finish.

1. Research the destination
Before purchasing the ticket and making your reservation, check that the destination is ideal for your family. They do not always have attractions for the little ones. Pipa is undoubtedly a good destination. The beaches with calm waves and natural pools are great for children.
The AcquaPipa Resort has an ideal infrastructure for family fun, with adult and children's pools, slides, AcquaLoco, playground, games room, mini soccer field and sand volleyball court.
If the destination is not Pipa, research if something specific to the place is needed, such as vaccines, visas, medicines etc. Don't leave these questions to the last minute!

2. Airfare vs. car travel
Traveling by car has the advantage of having a vehicle available for transit at the destination. You must comply with the rules for car travel with children:
- Children up to 1 year old must use the baby comfort, attached to the vehicle's seat belt;
- Children between 1 and 4 years old have to travel in child seats suitable for child transportation, also attached to the seat belt;
- From 4 to 7 and a half years old, the chair does not need to have a backrest, but must be attached to the vehicle's belt;
- From 7 and a half years old, the child can only use the seat belt, but in the rear seat.
For longer trips, traveling by plane is the best option. Night flights can be more expensive, but reconciling your child's bedtime can bring more comfort and tranquility for everyone. If there is a connection, choose to have more time between flights, so there is no risk of having to run with children and bags for the next boarding.
Check in online to avoid queues before boarding, arrive in advance and take the opportunity to stroll and spend some of the energy of the children who will spend a few hours in a limited space.

3. Packing your bags
The handbag needs to have everything needed during the trip and in case of emergencies. Baby wipes, pacifiers, snacks, some candy to help relieve pressure when taking off or landing, a change of clothes, plastic bags (for diapers and if any clothes get too dirty), headphones, toys, tablet, extra batteries . Do not forget to put on a jacket, as the interior of aircraft and airports usually have the lowest temperature.
If your vacation destination is Pipa, another seaside town or hotel with a pool, remember to bring sunscreen and buoys.

4. Explain the trip to the children
A trip can be new to your child, so it's worth talking to him about. Explain what and how much will happen. Children tend to handle situations better when they predict what will happen. Make up games that simulate airplane travel, let him participate in the choice of toys that go together on the trip and keep the mood lively and adventurous!

5. Keep calm and enjoy
It may be that the child chooses the worst time and place to have that attack of crying, but take a deep breath and remain calm. The best tip is to make the trip itself part of the fun. Allow yourself to relax for a moment, stretch your legs, eat, talk, play with the kids and get ready for the next adventure.

Remember that everything will be fine, it will be an incredible and unforgettable trip for the whole family!


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