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What to do in Pipa? Beaches, experiences and the village.

Praia da Pipa is famous for its beautiful landscapes with several beaches surrounded by cliffs, dunes and lots of nature.
What to do in Pipa? Beaches, experiences and the village.

What to do in Pipa? Beaches, experiences and the village.

Small, but very diverse, Pipa and the municipality's headquarters, Tibau do Sul, welcome all those who choose to change their lives and settle in the city with open arms. Thus, many foreigners and Brazilians from all over the world, open their shops, restaurants and accommodation.

Visiting the beaches is, without a doubt, the first thing to do in Pipa! Each has its charm and peculiarities. The best beaches to rest and relax with a drink and a snack by the sea are Praia do Centro and Lagoa Guaraíras. For those who like waves and surfing, the best ones are Praia do Madeiro for longboard and beginners in the sport and Praia do Amor, with its constant waves. Baía dos Golfinhos is perfect for those who like to relax and take a good swim in the sea. There you have great chances to see dolphins swimming and jumping in their natural habitat! But you have to walk on the dry tide to get there. Always pay attention to the times of the tide, the change in the landscape is very intense with these changes.
But if you prefer the calm of a deserted beach, we recommend Praia das Minas, Praia do Giz and our beach in front of the AcquaPipa Resort, Praia de Cacimbinhas. In fact, the viewpoint located next to our hotel is a must! Overlooking the beaches of Madeiro, Golfinhos and Praia do Centro form a perfect setting for registering your holidays. Also be sure to visit Chapadão, a huge lookout over the cliffs that overlooks the beaches of Amor and Minas.

Pipa is a special place for those who enjoy sports such as Kite Surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle, horseback riding, boat, motorboat, bicycle, ATV, 4x4 cars. There are countless activities and experiences to experience while being in Pipa. You can choose a more peaceful or adventurous trip.

At the end of the afternoon, to enjoy the colors of the sky and the sunset, there are three places to write on the agenda and not miss visiting. Due to the location of the coast, the sun sets behind the beach, so some places are more special to enjoy the moment, such as Praia do Centro, at the end, right at the end of the platform, at the top of the Sunset Bar Mirante and in the Guaraíras Lagoon , in Tibau do Sul. On the other hand, for those who like to wake up very early, the dawn at 5 am is incredible anywhere in front of the sea.

At night, stroll through the village of Pipa, walk along the main avenue, perpendicular streets and galleries full of shops of various styles. Choose a restaurant among so many gastronomic options with regional and international influences, or a bar to enjoy a drink and watch the movement of people walking around the street. Pipa has always been known, besides the beaches, for its busy night, with bars, nightclubs, parties and shows. For those who like it, the night becomes a day and the fun never ends.

You have already seen that Pipa has many attractions for your holidays. In addition to taking advantage of the entire infrastructure of the AcquaPipa Resort, you can take the opportunity to get to know the destination, the village, the beaches, gastronomy and experiences well. You can know a little more about Pipa here on our website.


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