Praia da Pipa: Everything about this paradise in Northeast Brazil | AcquaPipa Resort

Praia da Pipa: Everything about this paradise in Northeast Brazil

A destination increasingly sought after by tourists, Praia da Pipa is one of the most beautiful scenarios to spend your vacation.
Praia da Pipa: Everything about this paradise in Northeast Brazil

Praia da Pipa: Everything about this paradise in Northeast Brazil

Belonging to the city of Tibau do Sul, just over 80 kilometers south of Natal, it presents itself as a place with easy access by various means of transport. To help, the structure is excellent and perfectly meets the needs of any traveller.

Hotels, inns, restaurants, tours and incredible attractions. This is just a taste of everything this paradise has to offer. More than that, some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil are found here, and it is also a great region to relax. Thus, finding out what to do during your stay is a simple task, with just a little research or a simple conversation with the locals.

Want to know more about Praia da Pipa, in Rio Grande do Norte? Check out everything you need to know your destination below, with vital information for creating your itinerary.


How to get to Praia da Pipa?

Even though it's not a big urban center, getting to Praia da Pipa is no challenge, on the contrary. There are at least three good ways to get around, and it's up to you to decide which one interests you the most. Among these, there is an alternative for the most diverse tastes and budgets.

  • Plane: The closest airport is Natal International Airport. From here, you will find direct flights with stops to the main Brazilian cities. So, it's simple to find one that suits you. If you prefer, you can also search for tickets to João Pessoa, in Paraíba. In both cases, it will be necessary to travel around 1h30 by car or transfer to your hotel.
  • Car: For those who choose to rent a car, in Natal or João Pessoa, the route must be done through the BR-101. You should stay on the highway until the city of Goianinha, where you will take the RN-003. From here, it takes just over 30 minutes to reach your destination. If you want, you can take a longer route, 45 minutes, and pass through the city of Tibau do Sul, which has a beautiful viewpoint of Lagoa Guaraíras.
  • Bus: Finally, it is also possible to do this route with the help of a regular or tourist bus. There are options that depart from the two capitals mentioned above, as well as from Recife, in Pernambuco. In all of them, however, it will be necessary to get off at Goianinha and use a van to finish the trip.


What to do at Praia da Pipa?

Many people, when thinking of Praia da Pipa, just remember its beautiful strips of sand and crystal blue sea. Obviously, these are big highlights of the place, but there's a lot more to do around here. The diversity of attractions is great, meeting the desires of all tourist profiles, from families to the most adventurous.

  • Beaches: If your desire is to relax for a few days and enjoy your children, the beaches in the region are excellent opportunities. The best known are Praia do Amor, Baía dos Golfinhos, Praia do Madeiro, Lagoa Guaraíras in Tibau do Sul and Praia do Centro in Pipa
  • Tours: For those looking for a more exciting vacation or trailblazers, Pipa also has great options. In particular, the buggy and quadricycle rides through the dunes and cliffs of the region stand out, as well as the boats that take you to know the coast and places of natural habitat for the dolphins.
  • Nature: There are also those who want to connect to nature and rest their thoughts. If you are one of these, you cannot miss the Pipa Ecological Sanctuary. Here, you will find trails, incredible viewpoints, in addition to contact with wild animals such as iguanas, birds and small monkeys.
  • Downtown: Finally, the perfect trip for families is to visit the center of the region, their village, and wander aimlessly. To do this, look for Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos, the main street in Pipa and follow it to the beautiful shops and restaurants you will find along the way.


When to go to Praia da Pipa?

For those preparing to embark on this unforgettable adventure, it is natural to worry about the perfect time for this trip. The good news, however, is that there is little to fret about. The reality is that Praia da Pipa has high temperatures throughout the year, making it excellent for those who want to escape the cold and relax by taking in the sun.

During the winter, the lows are hardly below 21°C, while the highs are around 28°C. In summer, on the other hand, it's good to get ready to face the delicious typical northeastern heat. It is common for temperatures to easily exceed 31°C during the day, in the same way that at night they can have values ​​of 24°C as a minimum.

The only concern you may have concerns the rains that hit the region. In general, the season with more rainfall occurs between the months of April, May, June and July. During this period, the local humidity is high, and it is common to have a few drops throughout the day. Still, it is worth noting that temperatures are still high, making it possible to enjoy your vacation without any problems. This becomes even easier if you are in a hotel with all the necessary infrastructure.


Where to eat at Praia da Pipa?

Without a doubt, one of the main attractions of any destination in the Brazilian Northeast is its gastronomy. Whether for local or foreign tourists, the cuisine enchants for its spices, flavors and presentations. So, there's nothing more logical than researching where to eat at Praia da Pipa, right? Whether you're a food traveler or a family man looking for an interesting meal, there's something for everyone.

For moments on the beach, it will be simple to find something to drink or an ice cream for the children to refresh themselves, in practically all the beaches there are options of restaurants, stalls and street vendors. On Avenidas dos Golfinhos, you can search for more substantial options, such as bars and restaurants. This is the route with the most possibilities in the entire region, and it's where you should look when you're hungry.

An interesting point to highlight, however, is that it is necessary to carefully analyze your accommodation. In general, hotels have their own restaurants, and it is not necessary to leave their structure to have a good meal. In the case of AcquaPipa Resort, there are a la carte alternatives for lunch and dinner. The menu also has a variety of dishes, with regional and international options, as well as pizzas and snacks. Finally, it might be nice to take a break at the pool bar while the kids are having fun.


Where to stay at Praia da Pipa?

When deciding on your accommodation at Praia da Pipa, there are countless possibilities that you will come across. There is a little bit of everything here, being possible to find small inns, regular hotels and magnificent resorts. If you are looking for peace, tranquility and, why not, a little comfort, then the last alternative is the most interesting.

Among the available options, AcquaPipa Resort stands out from the rest, mainly due to its enviable structure. Altogether, there is an area of ​​more than 7000 square meters for the leisure of the whole family. There are 3 swimming pools and jacuzzis, soccer and volleyball courts, as well as a kids' area with a playground and games. All this 50 meters from the sea at Praia de Cacimbinha.

Accommodations are another feature of the resort, with two excellent opportunities for you. You can choose among the beautiful 43m² bungalows, which have all the infrastructure for you and your family to rest. In addition to these, there are the 35m² apartments, also equipped with everything you might need during your time here. Whatever your preference, you will be very well accommodated.


Book your vacation at Praia da Pipa

Now that you have all the necessary information about Praia da Pipa, there is no excuse to postpone this trip. Few places combine the natural beauty with the necessary structure for tourists like Pipa. Because of that, this is the perfect destination to spend your vacation, relax, have fun with the family and recharge your energy. In fact, there's something special around here.

To make this experience even more positive and complete, there is nothing better than making your reservation at AcquaPipa Resort. With all its structure and location away from the hustle and bustle, this is the ideal place to get to know the region without being bothered by the crowd. A reserved space, where you can achieve all your travel goals, returning home as a new person.

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