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Pipa Beach

Our Paradise

Pipa Beach is one of the most sought after destinations in Brazil. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Northeast, it is home to dolphins, sea turtles, iguanas, saguis monkeys and many people who visited, from all over the world, and who never wanted to leave. These people opened inns, restaurants, shops and tour companies, which is why Pipa has become an exciting and cosmopolitan place, with haute cuisine and exuberant nature.


Typical Northeast meals served in beach bars or haute cuisine in beautiful restaurants located along Avenida Baía dos Golfinhos and nearby streets, such as Bem-te-vi, Gameleira and Beija-flor. Argentine, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese and many other flavors of international cuisine are found in Pipa.


Ride a boat or buggy, walk through the Ecological Sanctuary or a day of adventure in a 4x4 car. The experience of living Pipa Beach, in addition to the beautiful beaches, can be lived in various types of activities that are offered by companies in the city. Choose your favorite and enjoy!


Cacimbinhas Beach has a completely reserved atmosphere. The coast is not deserted, but it has a calm typical of the idyllic coastal areas. The whole landscape is a beautiful thing to see. It has a wide strip of sand and a clean sea, with warm and rough waters, which will provide an invigorating bath. This is the beach that is right in front of the AcquaPipa Resort.

Madeiro Beach

A privileged place due to the exuberant nature, Madeiro Beach is calm and conducive to the practice of sports, such as surfing and stand up paddle, kayak, kitesurf and windsurf. For having calm waves, the Madeiro Sea is ideal for beginners to practice these sports.


Praia do Curral, better known as Baía dos Golfinhos, has a calm sea, almost a wave pool, and you can see dolphins swimming near people. It's exciting! The cliffs are of various shades, from pink to strong red. To get to this beach it is only possible at low tide through Playa del Centro or Madeiro beach.


Soft waters, a lagoon that flows into the sea, cliffs with native vegetation, mangroves full of marine life and dolphins, form a set of irresistible natural attractions in the charming Laguna Guaraíras.

Giz Beach

Beach of great beauty and tranquility, it is known as one of the refuges of Tibau do Sul. It is still little known by tourists, as it is a little explored beach. Its white cliffs form a beautiful view, which is admired by those who come to the place.

Center Beach

The Centro Beach is a beautiful beach located in front of the center of Pipa. The beach has calm waters and has a wide range of restaurants, bars and activities options. The change in the tide is very visible, leaving a lot of sand with the sea very distant or at high tide, the water occupies almost the entire length of the coast.

Amor Beach

With rough seas, it was previously known as Drowned Beach, but don't worry, there are volunteer lifeguards taking care of the bathers. It is a beautiful beach, with natural pools at the foot of Chapadão in the dry tide, it is very visited by surfers due to its constant waves.


Chapadão is a huge colorful cliff between Amor Beach and Minas Beach. The beach below this large cliff is small, beautiful, and perfect for those seeking privacy and tranquility. It is a great viewpoint to take a souvenir photo of Pipa.

Minas Beach

Minas Beach is usually quite deserted and is just after Chapadão. It has some stone points that form natural pools in the dry tide and it is the birthplace of sea turtles that generally rise to leave their nests there. The TAMAR Project is always there taking care to preserve the species.


The beach is beautiful and even more beautiful at low tide, when natural pools and small waterfalls form. Perfect for bathing children. The landscape is completed with the beauty of the cliffs, palm trees and the Catú River, which separates Sibaúma from Barra do Cunhaú.

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